Dog and pet-friendly hotels in Spain!

If you are looking for a trip and you want to take your pet with you, from we will help you find pet friendly hotels in Spain so you will not have problems when traveling with your dog or other pet. We have all the hotels and accommodations with dogs offered by Booking.

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Dog friendly hotels

Dog friendly hotels in Spain

On our website you have numerous tips, resources, Pet-friendly destinations and dog-friendly hotels in Spain. With our help, we hope you will be able to take that long-awaited trip with your faithful pet. Since our pets are a very important part of our lives, and vacations are that moment of enjoyment and rest, traveling with them is the best way to always remember your stay with affection.

You should know that approximately 20% of the hotels admit pets and are marked as Pet-Friendly. In these accommodations with dogs or other types of pets, your "animal friends" will receive the same treatment as their owner or even better treatment. Many of them have special services such as dog grooming, swimming pools for dogs or in some cases for other types of pets such as cats or birds.

Hotels and pets, a winning combination

Depending on the type of pets you have, you will have to choose certain pet friendly hotels. If you are looking for hotels with dogs, you should know that these type of hotels are becoming more and more numerous. According to data from the Spanish Veterinary Organization (COLVET), there are more than 20 million pets in Spain.

According to data from real estate agents in Marbella (Spain) this means that around 55% of Spanish households have pets. Of these 20 million, dogs account for more than 5 million, followed by birds, which account for approximately slightly less than 5 million, and in third place are cats with more than 2.5 million. Fish, reptiles, ferrets, hamsters, etc., come in second.

Hotels and pets, a winning combination
Types of dog housing

Types of dog housing

There are several models of pet-friendly hotels:

* Staying with your pets: there are those that offer accommodation for dogs, cats, etc. with their owners. For these people, their pets are essential in their lives and they want to have them with them.

* Rural hotels with animals: Spain is the country of agro tourism and hotels with pets in rural environments are very common. In these accommodations, it is possible to do activities in nature where our dogs can participate.

* With day-care centers: people who do not want to leave their pets at home, go to hotel establishments that have day-care services. day-care service. In these hotels, your pet will be in a separate area, with all kinds of amenities and best of all, very close to their owners while they enjoy their vacations. In this case, your dogs will always be under the supervision of professional monitors who will be in charge of making sure that everything is going that everything goes correctly and that there are no fights between the animals.