Pet-friendly hotels: dog friendly accommodations!

Wherever you go, thanks to us you can find accommodations that allow dogs and pets. We work continuously to offer pet-friendly hotels with all the information you need to book online the room that best suits your needs.

Nowadays, it is more and more common for people to travel with pets. And not only dogs or cats, but any kind of pet. Tourist establishments know this and to the question we usually ask ourselves: Is there a pet-friendly hotel near me? And the answer is YES there are hotels that allow dogs!


With our search engine, you can get the best information about your pet and your own preferences so that each time you search again, we only search for hotels that meet your particular requirements. We offer the largest inventory of dog friendly hotels, motels and accommodation - don't leave your pet at home! Research and book the best hotel with us.

Dog friendly hotels

On you have numerous tips, resources, Pet-friendly destinations and dog-friendly hotels. With our help, we hope you will be able to take that long-awaited trip with your faithful pet. Since our pets are a very important part of our lives, and vacations are that moment of enjoyment and rest, traveling with them is the best way to always remember your stay with affection.

You should know that approximately 20% of the hotels admit pets and are marked as Pet-Friendly. In these accommodations with dogs or other types of pets, your "animal friends" will receive the same treatment as their owner or even better treatment. Many of them have special services such as dog grooming, swimming pools for dogs or in some cases for other types of pets such as cats or birds.

Dog friendly hotels
Checkbox for travelers with pets

Checkbox for travelers with pets

There are several models of pet-friendly hotels:

- Take both your own bowls and your bedding. Most hotels offer pet packs that include bowls, food and a bed, but it's always best to make sure you take their own things because they smell like them and will eat.

- A blanket. This will keep their scent in the hotel room and make them feel comfortable and relaxed.

- Carrier. If you have a small dog or cat, carrying it in a carrier is key. Some accommodations do not accept dogs on a leash in the common areas.

- A favorite toy or chew toy to relieve travel stress and pass the time on long car or plane journeys.

- Bags to collect droppings.